Welcome To Gorcott Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

Welcome to our Miniature Donkey Stud. Julie’s love of donkeys started some 44 years ago, and with husband Robin we developed an outstanding breeding herd. We always strived to ‘improve the breed’ and believe that good conformation and temperament are of paramount importance. To this end we introduced new blood lines into our stock as necessary and took great care to match Jennys and Jacks to achieve our breeding objectives. We are very proud of the foals we produced, and many of our donkeys have achieved remarkable successes in the show ring, and all making fabulous pets.

However we have decided to stop breeding, and to concentrate on a passion that we have shared for many years – Donkey Driving. We used to drive standard donkeys, both for pleasure and in the show ring too, so it seemed natural to want to drive miniature donkeys.

We hope you will enjoy reading about our driving team, their capabilities once trained and subsequent successes. And remember, using a Miniature Donkey is just like taking dogs through Obedience Classes – they are so very eager to please.

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